The Actuator RPG


At long last, it’s finally finished! The full version of The Actuator Role-playing Game mod. You can use this guide to turn any RPG into a multi-genre campaign. It comes with two free short stories set in the Actuator universe as well. What’s better than that? It’s FREE!

Published by Final Redoubt Press on RPG Now, you can download the entire game here:


If you want more information, check The Actuator Book Page or The Actuator RPG Page.

Special thanks to Robert J. Defendi of FRP for his amazing help. Tell your friends and family, then get reading!



Double Blogging

IW Spine logo.png

Now that I’m managing acquisitions for Immortal Works Press, I will be writing blog posts for their website about once a month. The first one is up! It’s about the audience IW is looking for and what we mean by “general audiences” in our submissions guidelines. Occasionally I might re-blog articles here, but if you want to get them all, you should sign up to follow IW’s blog.

And if you’re going to Comic Con in Salt Lake City this weekend, come see the IW booth at table number 2220.

Have a great day!

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Quirky Engine Games

Quirky Engine

I love games. I’ve played many and even made some. [Go see my free games.] So I wanted to feature a few here. These are all by a new company: Quirky Engine Games. So far they have three games out.

Panic Fire is also called “Shoot Your Friends.” Who doesn’t want to shoot their friends once in a while? See the YouTube video. Check out the reviews on Board Game Geek.

Admit it, if you had a junk yard, you’d get in a Trash War.  See the YouTube video. Check out the reviews on Board Game Geek.

And Hoagies are like my third favorite lunch. See the YouTube video. Check out the reviews on Board Game Geek.

Now you know you want them… or at least one of them. So head over to:

Quirky Engine Games!

Cover Reveal: The Actuator RPG

Actuator RPG E-book Cover

I’m thrilled to announce The Actuator Role-playing Game has been picked up by Final Redoubt Press! This is a module suited to work with any role-playing game system. The full version will be released digitally and in print this August, just after book 2 in the series: Return of the Saboteur. I hope to have copies for sell at Comic Con. The cover art is courtesy of Curiosity Quills Press, who published the books. If you can’t wait, you can get the beginning of the game now for free right here. A shout out to Robert J. Defendi for making this possible!


The Dungeon Escape

Last weekend at CONduit, the Space Balrogs debuted my newest game, The Dungeon Escape!

Character Example

An evil wizard has captured and enslaved a large group of humans and dwarves, planning to sacrifice them to raise Gornash the demon to wreak havoc on the earth. The wizard botched the ritual, resulting in his own horrible death and leaving all the intended victims free, deep in a dungeon. Now they must fight their way past traps, dark magic, and monsters if they ever want to see the light of day again.

This is a role-playing game for huge groups of players… like hundreds. The audience each gets a character sheet, like the one shown. There are eight different professions to choose from: Brawler, Healer, Tinker, Teacher, Hunter, Farmer, Trader, and Sorcerer. They choose their gender, race (human or dwarf), and skill. Then, as the game progresses, they have an ability they can use once, they pick things up with their hands, and lose hit points. When they get to one hit point, a special kicks in. The character sheet is designed to be ripped as the game goes, so they don’t need pens or anything during the game.

A group of panelists draws encounter cards and rolls dice. The players react to the action as it unfolds. A combination of luck and strategy determines if they survive.

The games both went really well. I even had people asking if this game was available to buy. (Maybe, we’ll see.) We got great feedback and figured out how to adapt it to large groups. We are planning to play it full scale at Salt Lake Comic Con in September, so come and join us!

Friday the 13th

Fear of Friday the 13th is paraskavedekatriaphobia. I didn’t used to think this day was unlucky, but the more I look into it, the more it seems to be legitimately cursed.

Having an unlucky day? I recommend curling up with a good book and reading late into the night. I recommend Exacting Essence or The Actuator 1: Fractured Earth.

Actuator 1 Ebook Cover


If you don’t feel like reading, I have some death themed comics you can try. Or a game where you play as the Grim Reaper. However you celebrate, good luck.

Game Card

Card James Wymore

Anybody have a game this card can be used in? I’ll offer a reward if you tell me one. You can be the first person to die in my new book!

Sean Ricks, my friend and artist, made it at Comic Con last fall. I’m super-excited for FanX this month. They have our Space Balrog panel games in ballrooms. No more people fighting over chairs… well, except at the end. But that’s how it always goes.

Incidentally, I just started work on Choose Your Own Apocalypse book with the amazing and talented authors Jason King and Holli Anderson. It’s going to be epic x3! *Spoiler Alert!* I’m writing the robot faction. B)

I am actually in the middle of two other book manuscripts right now. But I couldn’t stop myself with the idea for this one hit me. The first lines:

There is no such thing as chaos. There is random, and there is order.