Now Available: Trace the Stars

Trace the Stars

My short story, FIDO, has been reprinted in a space themed charity anthology. All proceeds go to help poor students get into the Doc Smith Symposium (also known as the LTUE Writers Conference). It just came out today, so I’m heading to Provo, Utah, for the release party panel today. I’ll be there all weekend if you want to come get a copy of Thug #1.

Oddly, this is one of my favorite short stories. Get it now!

On an unrelated note, I made an animated gif for an online ad. I’ll just put it here for fun.


❤ Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤


Now Available: Thug #1

Super Duo Promo

It’s finally out!

This book has been a longer than usual journey. I’ve had illustrators start and quit. I’ve bounced it off several publishers. It’s gone through a few big rewrites. Eventually, the art and publishing came together, and it’s now available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback!

Superheroes and villains constantly battle for control of Denver, Colorado, so somebody has to do the heavy lifting. CJ Cruz found his niche working for whichever super-flavor-of-the-day happens to be running the show at the time. Since most of the self-labeled heroes claiming to be on the side of justice don’t hire henchmen, he usually winds up doing the street-level work for supers operating outside the law. His family and priest just think he’s a gangster, but CJ knows his motivation is pure. He keeps on the windy side of law enforcement by following a few simple rules, the first of which is keep your head down and never be the boss’s right-hand man. People tell him he should get a new job, but he likes working around supers. Besides, except for intimidation and roughing-people-up he doesn’t have any other skills necessary to make rent and pay child support.

Get more information on the THUG #1 Page.

My friend, Holli Anderson, has a superhero themed book out new today, too. So we are doing a double release cross promotion. If you get both of the e-books from Amazon, we’ll mail you a copy of the CHOOSE YOUR OWN APOCALYPSE anthology with both authors’ signatures! We both have short stories in it, of course. So what are you waiting for?

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Send a screen shot to jameswymore (at) with your mailing address.

Then just sit back and enjoy some amazing super powered stories with some incredible art by John Christian Perkins!

Thug Ch 7

If that’s not enough, you can come and get autographed paperbacks this weekend at the Immortal Works table at LTUE or next Wednesday, February 20, at our Double Release Signing Event. 🙂


More Mormon Steampunk and a Renewed Submission Call

Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel E-book Cover


This is volume two of the Mormon Steampunk series by Immortal Works. Originally, it was meant as a single anthology, but with so many submissions, it became three. I’m not actually in this one… meaning I edited the first one, ALL MADE OF HINGES, and my story will be in the third one, PRESS FORWARD SAINTS. However, I recommend it, because all these stories are a blast!

All Made of Hinges E-book CoverWe had so many authors express interest after ALL MADE OF HINGES came out, saying they didn’t hear about the original call for submissions, that the publisher decided to make yet another volume. So I’m including the official call below.

If you read, get PUT YOUR SHOULDER TO THE WHEEL. If you write…


A Mighty Fortress: Mormon Steampunk Volume IV Call for submissions

Immortal Works (editor Holli Anderson) hereby calls for submissions for an anthology of MORMON STEAMPUNK to be called A MIGHTY FORTRESS.

Here is the deal:

  1. The writer’s religious affiliation is completely irrelevant. We don’t care; we don’t even want to know.
  1. The story does not have to be set in any particular world. The story must be in some sense “Mormon” and in some sense “Steampunk.” We’ll try to interpret those categories both broadly.
  1. If your story is faith-promoting (Mormonism is “true” in the story), we’ll stop reading it. If it is mean-spirited (Mormons are all idiots), we’ll also stop reading it.
  1. Stories should be at least 2,000 words long and generally no more than 8,000 words.
  1. The deadline for submissions is April 23, 2019 or until filled.
  1. Authors will not receive up-front payments. Authors will share in the revenues from sales of the book over time and will receive one (1) complimentary author copy.
  1. Send submissions to hollia (at) Include the words “A MIGHTY FORTRESS SUBMISSION” in the subject line.




Theocracide Audio Book

theocracid audio book cover

Just out! You can now listen to this shockingly prophetic premiere book. Read by Raphael Biovin and produced by FJP, it’s published by Immortal Works Press and now on Audible!

If you want more information, check out the Theocracide page.

This has been a long time in coming, but it’s great to finally have this first book out in a format many people prefer.

Enjoy Theocracide on Audiobook!



Free Audio Book

STMHappy Holidays!

I like to give something free out on this blog every year. This year, it’s not mine, it’s from the amazing Craig Nybo— the complete audio book: Small Town Monsters. I’ve read it and it’s a blast!

May peace be with you.

Now go listen!


Now Available: THEOCRACIDE

thecrayside 1

The latest edition of this shockingly prophetic book is now available on Amazon for Kindle or in paperback. Coming soon: Theocracide Audio Book! If you want to get a jump on the audio, check yesterday’s post for a link to a podcast with the first chapter or two.

For more information about Theocracide, check out the book page.

The latest edition is cheaper and, I think, has the best cover. Here’s a quick reference to the first and second edition covers.

The story of this book is really the story of my writing career. It first came out six years ago (almost to the day) on December 30, 2012. It was my first published book, and it came out the same year as my first published short story. Like most things, it started out rough. I didn’t know much about the publishing industry. What I did know is that most people couldn’t read the title on the cover. To this day, my friends still call this book “The Crayside.”

There were some editing and grammatical errors in the first edition. Between that and the cover, the original publisher decided to do a new edition. I really loved the second cover (and the improved text). It got me by for years. But I felt they never really put the marketing effort into it that the book deserved. And for the last few years it really hasn’t gone anywhere.

Earlier this year, Immortal Works made me an offer to republish three of my books, including this one. With an exciting marketing opportunity, I couldn’t pass up the chance to resuscitate my first literary novel. And since a good deal of what I wrote about has actually come true in just the last six years, I can’t help but wonder what else will happen in the future this book predicts.

Get it now!


Indie Beginning: Audiobook Introduction

thecrayside 1

Tomorrow is the re-release of Theocracide! This is the new cover. The audio book will be coming soon, too!

Today, you listen to the first chapter on this episode of Indie Beginning Podcast. This isn’t the reader for the actual audio book. But she does a great job. Next week, will be a follow-up podcast author interview. Enjoy!