Here are my free games:

CYOA Sketch

A panel sized audience participation game where the attendees decide the ultimate fate of the world.

Actuator Machine Cropped

Based on The Actuator Series, this role playing game mod works with ANY RPG system, including the open source D20 Modern RPG to let your gaming group take the adventure between genre territories, trying to get the Actuator keys and save the world from the many horrors unleashed in the Change.

Glasses Art

Based on the book, Theocracide, this game pits players against each other to try to be the first to uncover a web of secrets and intrigue. It takes more than luck to deduce the leads in this tangled case. Don’t let it stress you out, it’s only the fate of the whole world at stake.

You’ve seen the Parting Shots Comics. Now play the Parting Shots Card Game, where there are always new souls to harvest. Just remember, the victim always chooses the game.

Back Icons

You have to try Slapback, the amazing card-based, single-combat engine modelling James Wymore’s stories. You can get characters from his books or his short stories and pit them against each other in a fast paced, wild-ride of a game.

Card games not your thing? Try your hand at some riddles. You’ve seen Batman Forever, right? How about The Hobbit? A game of riddles, then.

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