Riddles in the dark…

If card games aren’t your thing, maybe you’ll enjoy trying to solve a few riddles. After seeing the Hobbit, a friend of mine challenged me to a game of riddles. I’ll post the ones I make here, if I don’t get eaten. Only one catch, I’m not posting the answers. If you want those, you’ll have to E-mail me and ask. But don’t be surprised if I ask you to send me a riddle in return (and no retyping one from books or the “riddle of the Sphinx”). Ready? Bet your soul? (Just kidding! …a little.)

Riddle 1

Sharp knives bite us in the light
All touch and no sight
Hunting the living and the dead
All heart and no head

Riddle 2

Tethered ever, never free
My chains make me fly
Too far is hard to see
My prison, the sky
Fear the chomping tree
With the wind I will die

Riddle 3

Fortress of solitude
Transporter prime
Bridges bring altitude
Saving of time
Freedom is fast imbued
Commute sublime

Riddle 4

Red roses stopping the heart of a surprised love
Rushing through yellow fields, halting far from the setting sun
The unimpeded flow of green rivers over rocks and sand
Your destination is beneath me

Riddle me this… What do you think?

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