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Now you can choose characters from all James Wymore’s stories and pit them against each other in an all out smack-down! Start by finding a regular old six-sided dice. Then print and read the rules. (Plain paper is fine.)

Slapback Rules

Each player needs a Power Pack (three sheets) on cardstock.

Power Pack 1
Power Pack 2
Power Pack 3

If you don’t have card covers (which I recommend) you will need to print backs on the cards, too.

Slapback Card Backs

After that, each player needs a character. You’ll cut the cards for the character, the level marker, and the counters off these sheets. Then shuffle the special cards for that character into the Power Pack.

*Spoiler Alert!* If you don’t read the stories before you print the character cards they WILL spoil the stories for you.

Exacting Essence: Meg
Exacting Essence: Ringmaster
Exacting Essence: Carrie
Exacting Essence: George
Exacting Essence: Dale

Theocracide: Jason
Theocracide: Agent Goode

Double Vision: Kim
Double Vision: AI-robot-dragon

Fido: Fido

The Dark Glass: Gornash
The Dark Glass: Harold

Fatty-Goth: The House

Restitution: Hawk

Steam Deputies: Sheriff
Steam Deputies: Jack

Parting Shots: The Reaper

2 thoughts on “Slapback

  1. I think that Slapback is more “catchy” and easy to remember. The game itself (its overall design, dynamic, objective, etc.) must be taken into consideration to decide its name.

    I just downloaded your “Partytime Shots”; my sisters, cousins and sisters in law come over to play once a week (sometimes twice) and I thought it might be a good idea to try it out with them, but English is not our first language and I remembered / realized that I have to translate everything to play with them.

    I may do so and if I do, I’ll let you right away.

    Best Wishes!

    • Thanks for the naming help. I would be happy to help explain the mini games if they are confusing. I can see how that might slow things down. Theocracide Card Game might be easier because there’s no text on the cards. It is here. Let me know how any of them go!

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