The Actuator Role Playing Game

Actuator Machine Cropped

When the Actuator broke the world into territories of genre fiction, most people had no idea what happened. Evil people sought to fill the power vacuum and take over their respective areas. A few heroes with the willpower to resist the machine rise to stop the enslavement of humanity and, hopefully, to set the world right again.

The Actuator: RPG is a mod (modification, not module). It works with any other role-playing game system. If you don’t have one of those it fits nicely with the D20 Modern gaming system (open source and FREE). Just follow the link to the rule. However, if you have a gaming system you know and like already (GURPS, HERO, etc.) this mod will work for it just as well.

Once you are familiar with any RPG, you are ready for:

The Actuator Role Playing Game (Published by FRP, Free on RPGNow)

Actuator RPG Cover.jpg


And if you like the game, you should check out my Actuator Book Page. 🙂

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