Theocracide Card Game

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Just in time for the release of my debut novel, Theocracide, I present the Theocracide Card Game! It’s the sci-fi equivalent of clue. And if you don’t want to print all the cards, you can play it with a standard deck of playing cards.

If you are using a regular deck of cards, just look at these rules. You might want to print them for easy reference.
Theocracide Card Game Rules

Here’s a Play Mat to help organize your lines of inquiry, if you want one.
Theocracide Play Mat

If you want to print the game, just start by printing all five of these files (Aliens, Terrans, Government, Clones, and Extras) on card stock.
Terrans (Humans)

Then stick those cards into deck protectors or print the card backs on each sheet of cards.
Theocracide Card Backs

Have fun! That’s the most important rule. As always, please send me comments or questions so I can improve the game. And while you play, why not check out the Theocracide Soundtrack at James Wymore’s Playlist? And if you want more Theocracide Gaming, get the Theocracide characters and play them in Slapback.

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