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The Thing I Hate Audio Podcast

Happy Halloween! Trick or treat? Okay, have a free audio book of my short horror story: The Thing I Hate. Read by the amazing Jon Grundvig. It’s about a ghoul.

The Thing I Hate Podcast

If you want more, you can find links from my Short Story page. And, of course, you can always get all of Immortal Works’ Flash Fiction Friday podcasts on iTunes or YouTube. Enjoy!

Cover Reveal: THE LAST KEY

The Last Key E-Book Cover

At long last, the much anticipated climax of the Actuator series draws near. It’s due to be released November 17th in e-book and sometime after that in paperback. If you haven’t been keeping up, you can find the rest of the books here.


The Actuator, a machine capable of literally changing reality, was created to make a utopian paradise. Before it happened, a saboteur used it to transform the world into patches of every kind of genre fiction, scattering the keys necessary to put it back across the globe. Everyone alive found their lives radically altered, some living in fantasy realms with real magic and others in incomprehensible horrors. Thrown into chaos, people struggled against aliens, pirates, orcs, and vampires. Many died. Only a handful of people on the planet, called Machine Monks, even knew why it happened or how. Now they have to put it all back before humanity is destroyed.

Continuing their quest for the Actuator keys, the Machine Monks realize their cause is becoming hopeless. An army of half-machine men is rapidly spreading over the face of the earth, converting anybody they don’t kill to their cause. With superior numbers and technology, their leader will not stop until every living human is subdued and loyal to him.

Keeping the first key with him, preventing anybody from using the Actuator to change the world, the sociopath rampages. Even if they could get all the keys, the small group opposing the tyrant don’t know what to do when they get to the final one—a key they’ve never seen before. If they don’t find the answers fast, the world will be lost.

(Oh, and Happy Friday the 13th!)

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Channel 6 News

Here’s a short news clip featuring yours truly, talking about Snake River Comic Con on the Channel 6 news in Pocatello, Idaho. It’s short, but fun!

James Wymore on the Channel 6 News

We all had a great time there!

Snake River 2017 b

Double Vision Free Audio

Double Vision Podcast

Now available as a FREE Flash Fiction Audiobook from Immortal Works Press:


Long ago I entered this story into an online contest. It won. Since then I’ve had it available free to read on my page. Recently, however, Immortal Works featured it on the Flash Fiction Friday podcast. So you can listen to the whole thing in just 6 minutes. That’s not very long, considering it might make you rethink your whole life.


I have other stories they’ve done for their podcast, too. Find the whole list in my short stories page or on their channel.

The Long Con

Last weekend I attended Salt Lake Comic Con. I’ve been going for years and it’s always a blast. If you’ve never been to a fan convention, I recommend it just for the cultural experience. Next weekend I’m going to Pocatello, Idaho, for Snake River Comic Con. It will probably be smaller, but I’m looking forward to it just as much, if not more.

The purpose of this blog is to discuss what authors do at conventions and writer’s conferences for new authors or artists. It’s more about general understanding than trying to be a comprehensive list of how to get in and what to do there. I think a lot of writers have big misconceptions about what happens at a book signing or convention. Especially, they misunderstand the value of them to the author.

LTUE Panel 2017

I spent years going to writing conferences, listening to the expert panelists divulge their wisdom and longing for the day I would be one of them. I believed that once I sat on the other side of the table, it would prove I was a great author. I also expected to have dozens of book signings where I sold dozens of books to the adoring public. I knew that my dedication to the cause would result in book sales and success like all the authors I’d seen. Not so.

Most bookstore customers avoid authors for all kinds of reasons. Some are happy to talk if the author engages them, but many just want to be left alone. What’s more, most people who buy books don’t review them or recommend them to friends. So each sell is just a single book sold. That’s something. It’s worthwhile. But if it takes me hours to plan, travel to, and attend a signing on a Saturday afternoon where I only sell one book, it’s not worth it. Even a dozen book signings won’t generate interest the way it used to. The truth is, people have changed and meeting an author and buying their book doesn’t have the same kind of impact it used to.

Conventions are no different. Panel attendees appreciate you taking the time to talk to them and impart what you know, IF you really do know. However, few of them actually turn around and buy your book. Prospective authors, like everybody else, tend to buy books by bestselling names their friends will recognize.

Another surprise– not everybody on a panel is qualified to give advice. Or, at least not equally qualified. Sometimes they just fill a panel with the people available because they want to run it. Worse yet, sometimes nobody shows up for a panel (or a very small number of people). If they schedule you the same time as four famous people and dinner, it can be just panelists chatting with two attendees.

So what does a convention usually look like?

SLCC 2017 c

It’s hours and hours on a hard chair in one of a few hundred booths with thousands of people walking past you. If you are a good sales person, you might make enough to cover your share of the booth. Usually I do, but last weekend, I made less.

So why do it? All those other people in the pictures. Friends. We spend time laughing and chatting. More friends visit us and talk. The biggest reward really is people and networking. I met somebody whose company is interested in producing and distributing a comic book I’ve been trying to get off the ground for years. And there is always still hope that people who buy the books will love them and come back for more. It’s happened before, and it makes it all worth it.

Even though I’m still tired from the last one, I’m excited for the next one. I look forward to finding people from a new place who like what I write. Of course, I also know it will be a blast just hanging out with these amazing people.

SLCC 2017 d