Now Available: Valcoria Awakenings

Valcoria Awakenings


The battle for Amigus is over, and orphan-turned-hero, Yuiv, is settling into his life as junior lord of the house of Trauel. The loving family and peaceful life he’s so long yearned for seems to be within his grasp; that is until Yuiv starts having vivid nightmares. His glowing Kalyra eyes mark these dreams as supernatural, proof that he has the gift of Farsight—a power held only by the Al’Kalyra or Arch Sage.

As frightening as the idea of being Valcoria’s prophesied savior is, the terror of what Yuiv witnesses in his sleep is much worse. Pain, grief, blood and death descend upon him as he sees through the eyes of men, women, and even children who have been touched by the light of YaJiann.

The Children of the Crystal Star are awakening, rising above turmoil and strife to embrace their destinies as defenders of Valcoria. But all light casts a shadow, and with the heroes come the horrors born of blood and shadow. A dark threat looms; monsters that are far closer than anyone realizes—anyone except for Yuiv. And the revelation is nearly too hard for him to bear as it can mean only one thing.

The battle with the darkness is not over. It has only just begun.


This anthology is part of the Valcoria series. So you may want to start with Book 1: Children of the Crystal Star— but it’s not necessary. However, as a promotion, it’s only 99 cents. So why not grab it as well?Crown of Darkness

Jason King is my favorite high fantasy author. I discovered his work with the Age of the Infinite trilogy, which is probably my favorite fantasy story to date.  Valcoria is a much more dynamic setting with trains and guns… which makes it feel fresh in an overwritten genre. In fact, it has one of my all time favorite short stories to launch the series. You should definitely read the Prelude: Crown of Darkness. Also only 99 cents!

Whether or not you get into the entire series, my short story in this collection, Ice Witch, has some personal significance. I wrote it not long after my Grandmother passed away. She was very proud of her Icelandic heritage, some of which rubbed off on me. So for this story I named the main character after her, but I gave a lot of her traits to the mentor. I must have done something right because that story was put first in the anthology (and Jason has suggested he wants to incorporate the character from this story into the series later on).

If you love a good fantasy, get Valcoria Awakenings now!

Divergent FatesFor those of you who aren’t into fantasy, how about some Cyberpunk? Divergent Fates, the anthology set in the dystopia dreamed up by Matthew Cox, is on sale for just 99 cents this week.

Cox is my favorite Cyberpunk author, weaving three huge series together in this mind expanding world. (All on sale for 99 cents this week!) I set this story, Special Project, in Korea. I spent two years there on a mission for my church and I had a lot of fun revisiting that culture as I imagined their place in this broken future.

So both of these anthologies are me bridging significant people and events from my life and using them to write in other authors’ sand boxes. Also, many of the authors featured in these collections are good friends and associates. Cox even wrote one of the stories in Valcoria Awakenings. If you love a good short story, or need to get back to some fresh short story reading, pick up one or both of these awesome anthologies. (And between all these links, you should have PLENTY of cheap books to get you through the long, cold winter!)


Holiday Sale!


Just in time for the holidays, Curiosity Quills Press is having a HUGE SALE. Almost all their titles are 99 cents, which means all my books (except Actuator 4: The Last Key) and the anthologies are on sale this week. You can find links to all my books on my Amazon Page. And if you have all mine, you can find links to hundreds more at

The sale lasts until Christmas Eve (December 24), so you should consider these titles not only for yourself, but for everybody on your list. Books make great gifts and it’s easy now to gift books through Amazon to the readers in your life.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and thanks for a great year!


Writers Must Read


In On Writing by Stephen King, he says that it’s vital for authors to be voracious readers. I agree. Not only is it important for the purposes of knowing what’s going on in the book world, it’s critical to love the product. Unlike drug dealers who are not supposed to sample the wares, having a passion for the written word is the only way any author can write authentically or powerfully.

If you don’t love reading, how can you believe anybody will love what you write?

Personally, I recommend a balanced diet of genre fiction, classics, bestsellers, books outside the genre you write, and non-fiction. I had a tablet on which I read e-books for quite a while. While I read those, I built up a large stock of paperbacks. When the tablet broke, I started reading paper thinking I’d replace the tablet when I finished the pile. I keep buying e-books with that end in mind, too. However, the funny thing is, I haven’t managed to work through the stack yet. It keeps growing faster than I can keep up. So I still don’t have a tablet. *shrug* The majority of books I read are written by friends and associates. I know some extremely talented people.

I also love audio books. I usually have one I listen to when I’m driving. Sometimes I read books aloud to my family. As an acquisitions editor, I often have a manuscript I’m reading to decide if it should be published or not or one I’m editing for a friend. I usually read those on my computer. That means I’m usually in the middle of three or four books at any one time. I’m not a fast reader, but I make up for it with chaotic simultaneous consumption.

I just finished Origin by Dan Brown (paper), In the Warmth of the Sun by P. A. Podrazik (computer), and Split Second by David Baldacci (audio). I’m currently reading The Giant’s Seat book 2 in The Extraordinary Journeys of Clockwork Charlie by Dave Butler (paper), When Did You See Her Last? book 2 in All the Wrong Questions by Lemony Snicket (aloud), Fool Me Once by Harlan Coben (audio), and A New Trope book 4 in Death by Cliche by Bob Defendi (computer, editing). When I finish these I’m going to read Saved by H. A. Anderson (paper), book 3 in AtWQ, book 5 in DbC, and it’s a race between Salvation by James Wymore (coming soon!) or The Crystal King by John Olsen– depending which reader gets done with the audio book first.

I’m not sure how many books I read in 2017, but it’s probably around 30. My advice to anybody considering writing a book, stop reading if you need to make time to write. But only after you stop watching television and playing video games first. If you don’t love reading, why write a book at all? 🙂

What are you reading?


All Immortal Works E-books on Sale!

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Sale Results

Well, the big Actuator sale to promote the release of the new book was a great success! Fractured Earth and the Borderlands Anthology both rocked the Cyberpunk, Dark Fantasy, and Superhero charts.

Actuator 1 11-2017 #14 Cyberpunk FREE

They went higher, but this is the shot I took of them side by side. The new book is also doing great things, ranking in Hot New Releases.

Actuator 4 11-2017 #29 Hot new Cyberpunk

Thanks for all your support! It’s such a relief to finally have this series finale out. If you missed it, the sale is still going. Although Fractured Earth is now $1.99, Books 2 and 3 are still 99 cents.

Completely randomly, Windows into Hell also hit the charts, even at full price.

WiH #60 Horror Anthologies 11-17

Have a great Thanksgiving holiday!

Dungeon Crawlers Interview

To promote the big sale I did an interview with the amazing Daniel Swenson of Dungeon Crawlers Radio.DCRIt has info about the RPG as well as my current work in progress. Check it out!


Ultimate Actuator Promotion

Actuator Series Wallpaper

The fiery finale of the world-breaking series arrived today! In order to celebrate, Curiosity Quills Press is having the biggest giveaway and sale EVER. You can get Book 1, the Anthology, and the RPG Manual for FREE. Also, Books 2 & 3 are just 99 cents each. You can literally get the entire series for under $8! Here are all the links–

FREE! The Actuator: Fractured Earth

FREE! The Actuator: Borderlands Anthology

FREE! The Actuator Role-playing Game

99 cents! The Actuator 2: Return of the Saboteur

99 cents! The Actuator 3: Chaos Chronicles

NEW! The Actuator 4: The Last Key

If the cover art and the price aren’t enough to convince you already, you can read all the summaries and get more information on my Actuator page. Or just watch the series trailer on YouTube.

Thank you all for your support. I hope you love the climax of this long journey!

Key Wallpaper