Free Audio Short & Good News


I always like going to conventions. I’ve been going for years and I have quite a line up for 2017 already on my appearances page. Usually I split a table with several authors to cut costs and do several panels in trade for a free ticket and some food. Today, for the first time, a convention offered to pay me! That’s a big step! There’s usually a hierarchy of guests at these things, so breaking into the next level is really exciting. So my new favorite convention is Snake River ComicCon in Pocatello!

If you are anywhere in the West, I recommend it. Especially since pre-registration tickets are just $35… so get them quick! The Space Balrogs are all heading to Idaho to run three game panels and have a lot of other fun.

If that’s not enough good news for one day, Immortal Works also published the audiobook of one of my short stories for Flash Fiction Friday! It’s short, just 7 minutes. They’ve been doing some amazing short stories every week for months. If you have iTunes, go to the store under podcasts and search for Immortal Works. Subscribe and download a bunch of great stories. You won’t regret it. If you don’t have iTunes, you can go to YouTube and subscribe there. If you just want this one, find it HERE on the IW website.



The Dungeon Escape

Last weekend at CONduit, the Space Balrogs debuted my newest game, The Dungeon Escape!

Character Example

An evil wizard has captured and enslaved a large group of humans and dwarves, planning to sacrifice them to raise Gornash the demon to wreak havoc on the earth. The wizard botched the ritual, resulting in his own horrible death and leaving all the intended victims free, deep in a dungeon. Now they must fight their way past traps, dark magic, and monsters if they ever want to see the light of day again.

This is a role-playing game for huge groups of players… like hundreds. The audience each gets a character sheet, like the one shown. There are eight different professions to choose from: Brawler, Healer, Tinker, Teacher, Hunter, Farmer, Trader, and Sorcerer. They choose their gender, race (human or dwarf), and skill. Then, as the game progresses, they have an ability they can use once, they pick things up with their hands, and lose hit points. When they get to one hit point, a special kicks in. The character sheet is designed to be ripped as the game goes, so they don’t need pens or anything during the game.

A group of panelists draws encounter cards and rolls dice. The players react to the action as it unfolds. A combination of luck and strategy determines if they survive.

The games both went really well. I even had people asking if this game was available to buy. (Maybe, we’ll see.) We got great feedback and figured out how to adapt it to large groups. We are planning to play it full scale at Salt Lake Comic Con in September, so come and join us!

Guest Appearances Coming Up

FanX Guest

I wanted to leave a post on here highlighting some of my more exciting upcoming appearances. I don’t have panel lists or times yet. I do have nifty graphics and links, though. 🙂

On January 29 – 31, I will be at FanX! We have several game panels (Choose Your Own Apocalypse and more) planned. We’ll be at table RED 16 signing books, too. These epic fan conventions are always a blast.

February 12 – 14, I will be at LTUE. This is a great writers conference. If you want to learn to be a writer, this is the place to be. If not, you can always just show up for the mass author book signing and meet a lot of fun writers.

You can always check my upcoming appearances here.

LTUE guest

Get Your Geek On!

In just a few day, this Saturday, April 20, I will be at Salt Lake City Nerd! I will be involved in various events. I will be giving a VoxNerd presentation called Tolkien vs. Jackson: Why One Author Thinks Movies are Better than Books. Definitely going to stir up some controversy there. I will also be leading a few Geek Roundtables. But most of the time I will be with the vendors selling books for Curiosity Quills Press, including my own if you want one signed. They have live music, costume contests, constant gaming, and tons of fun. So come join us! Here’s my Special Guest write-up.