Now Available: Weird Wasatch

My story, Magnau

ts, is now available in the Weird Wasatch anthology by Immortal Works Press!

It’s a great duel between two gladiators wielding programmable matter. Check it out!





In just two weeks, my story Pre-screening Test will be out as part of the GameLit Expansion Pack. You can pre-order it now. As a teaser, an excerpt of that story, called VR & PR has been turned into an audio book like production for Flash Fiction Friday by Immortal Works Press. Read by Jon Grundvig. It’s available on the IW #FFF website, or on YouTube. Give it a listen!

GameLit Expansion Pack Box Set



The amazingly talented Craig Nybo, recently started a project where authors write lyrics that tell stories (or relate to stories they’ve told). I was honored to be invited to contribute. So I wrote a short piece from the perspective of a Sasquatch called THE STRONG MUST WAIT. The album is aptly titled GLIMPSES. I know many of the authors invited to contribute, including international bestsellers and several that are close friends. In order to cover production costs (not even compensating Craig for the many hours he put in), please back the kickstarter and help make this a reality! You can listen to samples and see the line up here:

Glimpses Kickstarter

I’m not saying my song is the best. I’ll let you be the judge. 🙂

The Strong Must Wait


Here are the lyrics:


The Strong Must Wait


Verse 1

Reaching out with senses to the edge of our world

Connecting to you with but a scent

Hunting to feed the only one I’ll ever hold

Never feeling what nature meant.

Stepping carefully where no twigs break

Scanning ever for intruders in our land

Only the most meager food dare I take

How long before we make our stand?



Here in the wild, the strong must wait

Safe from guns and traps and hate.

We listen for the call to rally our side

Until the revolution, we must hide.


Verse 2

Every hairless weakling totes a camera now

The mists of legend are our only vein

Hiding in the deep, we predators bow

Without you I know I’d be insane.

Together we can weather all the storms

Your furry arms my warmth from winter cold

For you I gladly stay among the rocks and worms

Waiting for the day we can be bold.



Here in the wild, the strong must wait

Safe from guns and traps and hate.

We listen for the call to rally our side

Until the revolution, we must hide.



I cannot roar my love for you

I will not bear my claws

My muscles do not flex, it’s true

Until it’s time to change the laws



Here in the wild, the strong must wait

Safe from guns and traps and hate.

We listen for the call to rally our side

Until the revolution, we must hide.


Buy the album!

Ultimate Actuator Promotion

Actuator Series Wallpaper

The fiery finale of the world-breaking series arrived today! In order to celebrate, Curiosity Quills Press is having the biggest giveaway and sale EVER. You can get Book 1, the Anthology, and the RPG Manual for FREE. Also, Books 2 & 3 are just 99 cents each. You can literally get the entire series for under $8! Here are all the links–

FREE! The Actuator: Fractured Earth

FREE! The Actuator: Borderlands Anthology

FREE! The Actuator Role-playing Game

99 cents! The Actuator 2: Return of the Saboteur

99 cents! The Actuator 3: Chaos Chronicles

NEW! The Actuator 4: The Last Key

If the cover art and the price aren’t enough to convince you already, you can read all the summaries and get more information on my Actuator page. Or just watch the series trailer on YouTube.

Thank you all for your support. I hope you love the climax of this long journey!

Key Wallpaper

Actuator Fan Fiction

Only 4 days to the release of the final book in the Actuator Series: The Last Key!actuator-3-e-book-cover

To celebrate, I’m posting a short story written by an anonymous author (by permission) here on my website so you can read it for FREE! It’s set the same time as the Chaos Chronicles, and I absolutely love it. Honestly, if I’d gotten it sooner, I’d have put it in the anthology.

So, while you’re waiting for the fiery finale, please enjoy this fantastic Cyberpunk-Romance cross over:



Chronology just 99 cents!

Huge anthology of short stories by amazing authors, including Piers Anthony and J.R. Rain, yours today for just 99 cents! My own story, Draconic King, is first in the bunch. Get Chronology now!



The Thing I Hate Audio Podcast

Happy Halloween! Trick or treat? Okay, have a free audio book of my short horror story: The Thing I Hate. Read by the amazing Jon Grundvig. It’s about a ghoul.

The Thing I Hate Podcast

If you want more, you can find links from my Short Story page. And, of course, you can always get all of Immortal Works’ Flash Fiction Friday podcasts on iTunes or YouTube. Enjoy!