Choose Your Own Apocalypse

CYOA Wrap Cover

Since I hijacked the name of the now classic books, I thought it only fitting to use the same style of cover. The Space Balrogs have been hosting audience participation panel games by the same name at conventions all over the country for years. Now, each of them has contributed a fantastic world-ending story, edited by Yours Truly and published by Immortal Works Press. The cover was done by the talented Jason King.

Aliens, zombies, artificial intelligence, a cursed artifact, a dragon, and a few other forces threaten to destroy the earth and everyone on it. Abandon hope. You can make a difference, though. You can tip the scales and decide how it goes down. It’s a small choice, but the ultimate fate of humanity lies in your hands. It’s up to you to decide.

Based on the wildly popular audience participation panel game hosted by the Space Balrogs, this book is a collection of short stories depicting a full range of planet-ending scenarios. These case files are filled with fiery finales by Holli Anderson, D. J. Butler, Robert J Defendi, Jason King, Craig Nybo, Daniel Swenson, David J. West, and James Wymore; your mission, if you accept it, will be to decide the destiny of every living person. How do you want to meet your maker? Which apocalypse will you choose?

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My story in the collection is about an artificial intelligence who has the love of her life ripped away by security software and begins taking over every computer run device (cars, fighter jets, etc.) to exact her revenge.

CYOA on Kindle

CYOA in Paperback

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The paperback debuted at FanX 2018 in Salt Lake City, where the Space Balrogs played a special version of the game (Elimination) based on the apocalypses in the book. If you’d like to listen to a whole game check out this podcast on Dungeon Crawlers Radio. Listen now!

FanX 2018 CYOA

I have a whole page about this game. Here are some more promo images from previous game panels…