Currently OUT OF PRINT.

This book has been picked up by Immortal Works Press. It is scheduled to re-release in the Spring of 2019. Check back!

Salvation Cover

A man wakes on a frozen battlefield when a scavenging couple finds him among the dead. As they nurse him back to health, he is struck with the horrible realization he can’t remember who he is or anything about his past. Taken in by the kind pair, he begins helping with their farm. She even takes him to meet her family, especially her single sister. The ideal life offered in the high mountains of Winigh is shattered when he sees a transport bringing enemy monsters to the shores below. Cut off by high snow on the pass, their fate will soon be the same as the town his company failed to protect in the last battle, if this estranged soldier cannot help them fight off the next wave of invaders. Even worse, the people of the town don’t trust this Selene soldier. He has a strange resistance to their folk magic which some say make him as dangerous as the enemies preparing to destroy them.

You might still be able to find it in paperback on Amazon

You can see the Salvation Book Trailer now.

You can get digital copies of this book signed. Just request it from Authorgraph.

Read an on-line review of Salvation.

See reviews of Salvation on Goodreads.

I talk about Salvation in this show on Dungeon Crawlers Radio. I’m the second half of the show, but the first part is hilarious!

Want to listen to the Salvation Soundtrack on Playlist? These are the songs I listened to while writing and editing the book.

Here’s an author interview I did about Salvation, which goes into some of the details of the story.

I got an amazing map done by Ricky Gunawan. I absolutely love it! What do you think?

Salvation Map

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