Windows into Hell


Although this is a short story anthology, I’m giving it a book page because I conceived and edited this fantastic book, in addition to contributing. The whole thing is based on A Short Stay in Hell by Steven L. Peck. I HIGHLY recommend this book. It really digs into the concept of the afterlife in a unique and haunting way.

When discussing it with my friend and contributing author, R. A. Baxter, I mentioned how the beginning of the story said this was just one of the many possible hells. We talked about wanting to read of other hells people might have been sent to. Thus the idea for this book was born. At a writer’s conference I talked to Steven Peck and Michaelbrent Collings and mentioned the idea of making a collection of such stories. They both loved the idea and offered to contribute a story, so I knew this book had to be made.

It was a long road, taking years to come to fruition. I don’t regret it, though, because the stories are as deep as I hoped. For anybody intrigued by the idea of religious horror, “Welcome to Hell.” 🙂


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Listen to the interview podcast on Dungeon Crawlers Radio featuring four of the contributing authors: Steven L. Peck, Sarah E. Seeley, R. A. Baxter, and yours truly!

Here’s an amazing blogger review by Geoff.


Links to contributing authors, in order of appearance:

Michaelbrent Collings, #1 International Bestselling Horror

Mette Ivy Harrison, Bestselling Religious Fiction

Jay Wilburn, Many Short Stories and Horror

Tonya Adolfson, Writing and Voice Talent

R. A. Baxter, Acquisitions Editor for Immortal Works Press

Michael R. Collings, Stoker Grandmaster of Horror

D. J. Butler, Acquisitions Manger for WordFire Press

Sarah Seeley, Short Stories and Horror

James Wymore, Editor and Bestselling Horror author (You’re already here!)

Steven L. Peck, Conceptual Genius


Windows into Hell has been on the Amazon Bestseller charts several times including both Religion, Horror, and Anthologies. Even the Audiobook made the charts. It was nominated for an AML award. If you haven’t read it, GET IT NOW!

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