Choose Your Own Apocalypse

CYOA Cover

The end of the world is upon us. Three factions are each capable of wiping out or enslaving the human race. There is no future for mankind. All that remains is to decide WHICH doom will become our ultimate fate. You decide!

Premiering at Salt Lake Comic Con in September of 2013, Choose Your Own Apocalypse is a panel sized audience participation game. James Wymore moderates the game, with panelists serving as players. Although the game can be played using many different themes, the first and most common theme is Robots vs. Aliens vs. Zombies.cyoa

Three panelists are the players, each representing one of the factions competing to take over the earth. Over a series of three rounds, they each tell impromptu stories and answer the questions or attacks of the audience. As the game progresses, the audience takes over. One faction at a time is eliminated until the ultimate rulers are determined and everybody is absorbed.cyoa2

Here is a FULL GAME, made into a podcast by Dungeon Crawlers Radio.

If you’re on FB, please go “like” the Space Balrogs Facebook Page. You can see hilarious art round videos and sign up to get e-mail notifications on all our games at the Space Balrogs Website.sean-ricks-sb-logo

Here is a roster of some of the many amazing talents who’ve played the game:

Robots – Tom Durham
Aliens – Eric James Stone
Enhanced Humans – C.K. Edwards
Genetic Animal Mutations – Natalie Whipple
Robots – Robert J. Defendi
Aliens – D.J. Butler
Zombies – Michaelbrent Collings
Transhumanists – Bradley Voytek
Zombies – Carter Reid
Cursed Artifact – Jason King
Magical Doomsday – Tom Durham
Elementals – Daniel Swenson
Dragons – Julie Frost
Airship Pirates – David West
Clockwork Tinkers – Scott Taylor
Mad Scientist 1 – Howard Taylor
Mad Scientist 2 – Sean Ricks
Balrog – Craig Nybo
Robots- James Wymore
Super-villain 1- Dan Wells
Cannibals- Holli Anderson
Aliens- S. J. Butler
C’thulhu- Lisa Mangum
CYOA Sketch

If you want James Wymore to host a Choose Your Own Apocalypse panel at your event, e-mail him.

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